The willowy willow is her shield

The chanting birds are her eyes

She is the lady of the copse

Mother to the wise


She is hidden

but in sight

for those who dare

to peer into the light


Her appearance

reflects what you desire

but be warned

for the impure it may be dire


She will give you answers

to what you seek

but in a riddle

challengingly oblique


For those who listen

wisdom is bestowed

With this secret knowledge

we discover our road


She is

all seeing, all knowing

Our Lady of The Copse

with her we are not forgoing

With Gungnir in His hand

Geri and Freki at His side

He strides above Asgard

observing far and wide


For he is Odin

known as Woden to some

Sing loudly in His honour

not meekly or a feeble hum


Huginn and Muninn

are His faithful eyes

Watching Midgard

as His most eager spies


His deeds are legend

known to one and all

In our hearts we know

He will never fall

Spreading gossip

you run up and down the Tree

causing mischief

with considerable glee


You are Ratatoskr

Yggdrasil is your domain

Drill-tooth or Bore-tooth

is your common name


Between Eagle and Serpent

from top to bottom

messages are passed

twisted but never forgotten


The mischievous squirrel

from Norse lore

trying to stir up

an Eagle and Serpent war

The great wolves Geri and Freki

feast in honour in his dining hall

whilst he drinks wine

watching the brave fallen brawl


His loyal companions sit at his throne

whilst one sleeps, the other is awake

eagerly watching and guarding

their duty to him they will never forsake

We are the children of the Moon

For she is our other-worldly Mother

If we revere her as our ancestor

her cosmic power we can discover


She wraps her aura around us

we are covered in her cloak

Wrapped tightly within her warmth

her power and wisdom we can invoke


For she is our great ancestor

one to adore and love

If in your heart you believe truly

you may receive a gift from above

The monster lurks

dwelling deep

Be wary those

who carelessly sleep


Rising from the depths

silently stalking its prey

It’s enormous tentacles

ready to smash and flay


The Kraken

myth, legend or more

The truth may come

to unlucky souls offshore

We praise you


All your glorious phases

Waning, waxing 

Crescent, gibbous

Full, new 

Bring awe and wonder 


You go by many names





Amongst a few 


When life feels troubled

To gaze at you 

and your brothers and sisters

the constellations 

Brings peace and hope


You are a constant

in an unsettled world 


We praise you

A God of times past

Woden was his name

The Anglo Saxons

celebrated his fame


Today he is remembered

by a day of the week

Woden’s Day became Wednesday

so his name we still speak


The old Gods

as they are known

left their mark long after 

they sat on the throne

From the Moon you’ve come

Skipping over Stars

zig zagging this way and that

with a detour via Mars


When your cosmic form appears

your brethren come out to play

Then we know Spring

is well and truly on its wondrous way


You bring fertility from the Cosmos

to replenish the sea and earth

A gift from the Moon you are

for you deliver universal rebirth

Goddess of the Harvest

Demeter is your name

You are also known

as the Goddess of the Earth

by those who know your fame


Lost was your daughter

Persephone, from your union with Zeus

Your grief brought famine

until Zeus sent Hermes

to make a much needed truce


The grief of your loss

delivered winter to Earth

The abundance of spring

and summer

a sign of your joy and rebirth

The distant crescent moon

Discerned through the hazy gloom


I look with a

mesmerised humble gaze

and lower my head in praise


You are a majestic wonderful sight

We can sense your celestial might


For you are a goddess, an enigma

We can feel your love and


Cloudless night 

Why are there no stars

I look for you but you are not there


Faithful moon

You are there

Basking us in your dim light


You remind us

The universe is endless 

Time is eternal 


We are but

the smallest fragments

of the whole

The Sea

the Life giver

the Heart

to each and every River


Watched over by a God

who goes by many names

Neptune and Poseidon

are just a few He claims


Without this majesty of nature

humanity and the Earth will be lost

To not feel His wrath

there is a line that must not be crossed

The Moon our mother, the Earth our father

nature our brother and sister

We are one

for we need each other


The Universe our home, our light

On your broad wings

we soar 

in wondrous flight


We are one and part of all

Together we make a difference

No action we take 

is unneeded or too small

Elusive and absent

We seek you

Desperately sought

for a moment or two


The winding path

seems arduous and long

to help our journey

we sing and hum a song


Poppies are a sign

that near you are

Your sanctuary

is not too far


Your embrace will bring

peace and calm

Hypnos God of Sleep

we seek your balm

When anxiety bites

Or the grip of

depression looms

I stare at the moon


Observing its surface

The subtle shades

The patterns caused by

eon old impact craters


Mesmerised by its


shimmering light


As I contemplate

my breathing slows

calm comes over me


For the moon’s beauty and radiance

brings tranquility

As I shut my eyes

Your radiant visage is at the corner of my vision 

Your presence warms my soul

Your hand guides my journey 

Your wisdom allows me to see the truth 

Your courage fortifies my own 


I long to shut my eyes again

So I can be in your company once more